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Host University Dormitories - Photo Galleries & External Links

This is not a complete list of all programs or all accommodation available, and is subject to change. Please be sure to confirm accommodation options for your program at time of application through UCEAP.

Doshisha: Spring
(Please access information in your PDC regarding housing as it varies from year to year)

  • YWCA Ajisai

  • Hitotsubashi: Spring/Year

  • Residence Hall Ikkyo-Ryo

  • ICU: Summer/ICU: Year

  • Zelkova (Keyaki) House, Ginkgo (Icho) House, Oak (Kashinoki) House

  • Momi/Maple House

  • Global House

  • Canada House, Third Womens Dorm, Fourth Womens Dorm

  • ICU: Fall/Spring

  • Dialog House
  • Oakhouse Social Residence (Offcampus Dorm option)
  • (Privately Managed Dorm in neighborhood near ICU)

    ICU: Off-Campus Housing Information

  • ICU Service Co., Ltd.

  • Keio: Year

  • Housing for International Students

  • Waseda: Year

  • Waseda University Exchange Students' Dormitory

  • Tohoku University

  • University House options for International Students

  • International House options for International Students

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